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The Paraglider Workshop Sessions

The Paraglider Workshop Sessions The Paraglider Workshop Sessions Come and enjoy six curated workshops at the Town Hall throughout the afternoon followed by the super-charged Free Flight Night

Due to our on-going commitment to delivering Free Flight at Kendal, we are delighted to develop and present a rich programme of diverse content for our flying fans on Thursday. Join us for an afternoon with six workshops to inform and inspire your flights of passion and then stay to be entertained by Free Flight Night! This inspirational evening will embrace the amazing gamut of free flight – so expect stunning films and world-class speakers showcasing all things flight - paragliding, BASE, speed riding, acro and much more...

The workshops start at 13.30 and are approximately 30 mins in length each (with breaks in between) with a finish at 17.30. Enough time for a bite to eat with friends and a drink or two at the Town Hall bar before the Free Flight Night gets going at 19.30.

Workshop 1)  Get Published!

“There I was, at base…” All the best stories start like that! Cross Country editor Ed Ewing offers some tips and tricks on how best to tell your own free-flight story – whether that’s through the online league, in a club newsletter, a magazine, or simply Facebook and social media. There’s a story in every flight – and you’re the best person to tell it.

Workshop 2) Survive

Pilot Baz Roberts runs Wilderness Medical Training and has published lots of medical advice for pilots. In this workshop he’ll extract the crucial nuggets pilots need to know about dealing with an injured pilot, flying at altitude and medically preparing for remote overseas flying. Outside of Europe he has flown in India, Nepal and Greenland.

Workshop 3) Security in Flight

Cumbria’s own global expert on security in flight training – Jocky Sanderson who runs Escape Paragliding, trips around the world and SIV courses and more – needs little introduction. We’re delighted that Jocky will share his wisdom on wing control and performance flying.

Workshop 4) BHPA - Safety & Trends

Ian Currer authored Touching Cloudbase, and is a BHPA Assistant Technical Officer with decades of paragliding teaching experience and flying. Ian’s access to BHPA incident data makes him best placed to offer insights and evidence into safety trends and issues.

Workshop 5)  Hike & Fly

Alistair Andrews now runs Team eVol Paragliding after recently retiring from the navy as a search and rescue helicopter pilot. Fresh from a month in Bir, India, he joins us in Kendal to share his insights and tips on safely pursuing hike and fly and vol bivy adventures.

Workshop 6) Flyability

Flyability is the BHPA’s disability initiative. Their volunteers will be on hand to discuss Flyability’s inspiring work with a view to recruiting more support and broadening understanding and participation.

£12.50 for the six sessions £12.50 for the six sessions | £12.50 for Free Flight Night | £20 for a combined ticket.

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