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Tanya Shadrick – Wild Woman Swimming: A Journal of Westcountry Waters

Join Tanya to discover the life and writing of the late Lynne Roper, a visionary wild swimmer whose diaries are a celebration of the close-knit communities that form wherever strangers meet to swim together.

A Devon paramedic, Lynne began swimming outdoors while recovering from a double mastectomy. Warm, funny and fearless, she was soon at the heart of The Outdoor Swimming Society, inspiring others to swim wild, ‘read water’ and take educated risks as she did. For five years, until a brain tumour made swimming and writing impossibly hard, Lynne recorded her adventures in over sixty wild waters across Dartmoor and the Devon/Cornwall coasts.

Recommended by The Outdoor Swimming Society, the book has an extraordinary backstory. Shortly before her death – on just a single meeting – Lynne entrusted her diaries to writer and artist Tanya Shadrick for posthumous print publication. Two years later, this book keeps the promise Tanya made that day.

Tanya will be in conversation with swimmer, OSS ambassador and feature writer for Outdoor Swimmer magazine Ella Foote.

By turns lyrical and adrenalin-fuelled, solitary and communal, this is a book for outdoor swimmers, nature lovers and all who prize the wild and free.

“The freedom of spirit, her writing…wonderful” - Kate Rew, Director of the Outdoor Swimming Society

“Beautiful and inspirational” - Libby Page, author of The Lido

“For Lynne, passing it down the line didn’t need to end at her death. ‘People can swim and take me with them’, she said.” - Jenny Landreth, author of Swell: A Waterbiography

“I hope every copy of this book is read outdoors beside wild waters. May they go waterlogged, sun-buckled and wind-chapped. And may readers share in the bliss Lynne discovered in these elements." - Tanya Shadrick, Editor of Wild Woman Swimming

'Wild Woman Swimming' edited by Tanya Shadrick, published by The Selkie Press will be available to buy at our bookshop over the weekend



Tanya Shadrick Tanya Shadrick

Tanya is a writer and former hospice lifestory scribe who works in public spaces to encourage and embolden others to share stories and take their own creative risks - a practice which has earned her Fellowship of the Royal Society...

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