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Lowe Alpine Adventure Journals

Lowe Alpine Adventure Journals An afternoon of challenging adventure tales from around the globe, featuring explorers Pip Stewart, Adam Rolston and Ron Rutland, presented by Joe White.

Pip Stewart worked in Asia for five years reporting for The Telegraph, BBC, CNN and South China Morning Post. In 2013, she cycled home from Malaysia to London and started working as Red Bull's Adventure Editor. Pip covered 10,000 miles and 26 countries in a year on her bike ("Yes, my arse was sore" she said). In 2016 Pip's adventures took her on a 3,000 mile cycle, boat and plane journey exploring Brazil and Peru to raise awareness of the environmental issues in the region. From the mouth of the Amazon River in the Atlantic, finishing in Lima at the Pacific, she documented the deforestation of the Amazon rainforest with adventurer Reza Pakravan and its devastating effect on the indigenous communities; 'Transamazonica' was the resulting six-part series.

Last February, Pip teamed up with fellow adventurers Laura Bingham and Ness Knight to take on a world first; paddling the entire length of the Essequibo, South America's third largest river, from source to sea. A highly under-explored part of the world, the journey started in the Acarai Mountains in Southern Guyana. The river flows for 1,014km through remote jungle, untouched virgin rainforest, unknown rapids, contentious gold mining camps until it meets the Atlantic Ocean.

Set against the backdrop of one of the most incredible and diverse wildernesses on the planet, Adam Rolston and Ron Rutland set a World Record for the longest golf hole ever played by trekking 2,011km unsupported across Mongolia, playing within the Rules and the Spirit of the game, set out by the R&A, over 80 days.

In what golf (and adventure) pundits describe as 'undoubtedly the greatest golf adventure of all time', the journey also introduced an unexpected third guest - a dog named UB who joined the expedition on day three, and walked every one of the 2,000 remaining kilometres with the boys, in what surely must rank as one of the greatest feats of canine endurance of all time!

Adam and Ron will join us to describe their experience, and the film that came from it: The Longest Hole. It's is a moving and inspiring tale of friendship and loyalty, the human spirit, and the power of the mind. Plus the sheer ludicrousness of taking one of the most traditional and formal of games to one of the most inhospitable and wild places on the planet.

£15.00£8.50 for Young Adventurers (under 18's)


Pip Stewart Pip Stewart

​Pip is an adventurer, journalist and presenter. A hippy at heart, Pip is a firm believer that connecting with people and the great outdoors is good for the soul.

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Adam  Rolston Adam Rolston

Golfer, Producer, Music Supervisor

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Ron Rutland Ron Rutland

Caddie, Producer, Event Manager

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