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Entwined Lines: Art & Climbing

A performance by artist Paul Evans and poet Mark Goodwin exploring climbing and art as entwined forms of movement.

Artist Paul Evans and poet Mark Goodwin will explore climbing and art as entwined forms of movement, through an in-the-moment combination of poetry and drawing. Mark will speak poems whilst Paul – responding directly to the rhythms of the words – draws onto a large spread of paper, with charcoal and pigment. This developing performance is still very much in the realms of live improvisation, something that reflects much of what climbing is about. Paul and Mark will be pleased to receive questions about such improvisation after the drawing is complete.

This session will also include a vibrantly illustrated presentation on how landscape has inspired the work of both poet and artist.

“When we previewed our collaboration at the Performing Mountains symposium, I had no rehearsal. So for me it had, therefore, something of the qualities of an on-sight ascent.” Paul Evans



Paul Evans Paul Evans

Paul is an award-winning artist and a climber.

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Mark Goodwin Mark Goodwin

Mark Goodwin is a balancer, walker, climber, and stroller who speaks and writes in various ways.

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