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Patagonia - Adventure Activists

Patagonia - Adventure Activists The 2018 Adventure Activists Tour culminates in a special event at Kendal Mountain Festival.

“Living the examined life,” said Patagonia founder, Yvon Chouinard, “is a pain in the ass.”

Chouinard realised that our world is at a tipping point; without urgent environmental action, we are on a path to destroying our planet’s ability to repair itself. Businesses and individuals are critical to this; both as part of the problem, and the solution. We all have the ability to make economic life more socially just and environmentally responsible, and less destructive to the natural world that sustains us.

Patagonia exists at the forefront of environmental and social activism. The protection and preservation of the environment isn’t what they do after hours; it’s the reason they’re in business. And you can be part of the movement, through the Patagonia Adventure Activists Tour which gives a platform to adventure activists who are raising environmental awareness, through their diverse outdoor undertakings.

It’s a grassroots movement for change, focusing on the environmental issues that affect us on a daily basis, and encouraging discussion. Our aim of the tour is to inspire change through awareness of local NGOs alongside inspiring talks and eye-popping films from some of the world’s top adventurers.

Join us at this special event marketing the culmination of the 2018 Adventure Activists Tour, working with Patagonia to share stories of exploration and raise environmental awareness across the UK.

Joining us on stage will be top river activists and kayakers, Rok Rozman and Carmen Kuntz, fresh from their year of protecting the pristine river systems in the beautiful Balkans. We will screen their incredible new film – UNDAMAGED which will be a UK Première and exploring the stunning landscape and how a small group of environmental activists created a huge wave of protest and change in this region.

Representing our brand partners at Patagonia will be top mountain guide and ambassador, Zoe Hart (she was only the fourth American woman to earn her IFMGA badge). An ardent environmentalist having just completed her masters, Zoe is based in Chamonix and lives with her husband, Mountain guide Max and their two small children. She has a long-standing history with Patagonia and can give us insider insights into what makes this unique and fascinating company tick.

Back to the UK, we’ll hear from Dan Yates, top kayaker, skilled optician and one of the founding members of the ‘Save our Rivers’ campaign, whose aim is to keep the UK’s rivers flowing freely; and from Alistair Maltby, one of the founders of The Rivers Trust, the fastest growing environmental movement to protect and restore rivers in the UK and Ireland, described by Carmen as a river defending gangsta.

£12.50£8.50 for Young Adventurers (under 18's)


Zoe Hart Zoe Hart

Although she considers herself a climbing 'jack of all trades', alpinism is Zoe's passion.

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Rok Rozman Rok Rozman

Rok Rozman is a former olympic rower, biologist, kayaker & founder of Balkan River Defence.

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Carmen Kuntz Carmen Kuntz

Carmen Kuntz is a freelance writer, whitewater kayaker and Balkan River Defence writer.

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Dan Yates Dan Yates

Dan Yates is an avid kayaker and one of the founding members of the 'Save our Rivers' campaign, whose aim is to keep the UK's rivers flowing freely.

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Alistair Maltby Alistair Maltby

Alistair Maltby has spent the last 20 years at the heart of what is probably the fastest growing river conservation movement in Europe.

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