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Photo Competition Entry

Categories for 2018

Mountain Landscapes (supported by the The John Muir Trust)

Capturing the beauty and drama of a mountain landscape is your challenge. Light, composition, colour and perspective all play a part in a great image. The perfect photo may take days to plan and capture or you may just be in the right place at the right time. Either way, we want your audience to be excited and inspired by an image that celebrates the landscapes we love.

Adventure in the Outdoors

Kendal Mountain Festival is a celebration of adventure in the outdoors. Can you capture this in a single image? We are looking for stunning and dramatic shots that display excitement, inspiration, solitude, or contemplation. These photos should leave the viewer feeling amazed and excited.

Urban Adventure (supported by Stance)

This category is all about adventurers living busy, modern lives in the city while getting creative with micro-adventures on their doorstep. Deserted buildings, canals, street scenes, wasteland, soaring skyscrapers all offer the potential for great compositions. Contemporary and historical settings give photographers a world of patterns, lines, and colours that can combine to make a brilliant image. Are you able to use them to your advantage?

For the Love of the Water (supported by Finisterre

Here at the festival we love exploring the mountains but also the sea, rivers and lakes! These environments open up so many possibilities for adventure and enjoyment, whether that means coastal walks, wild swims or adventure sports like kayaking, surfing or paddle boarding. In these modern times our seas and rivers are also under threat and there is a growing awareness of what needs to be done to protect them. How can you show your Love of the Water in a single image? What does it mean to you?

Mountain Culture (supported by Julbo)

This category is all about capturing the unique people, activities and communities of the mountain environment. Many extraordinary people live, work and play in the mountains. It is a special culture with it’s own rules, traditions and behaviours, all offering interesting and challenging photographic opportunities. There are many different ways to interpret this theme – Can you share your perspective on this fascinating and beautiful world?

Your View of the Lake District National park - Smartphone Category (supported by the Lake District National Park)

The smartphone has opened up a new world of photographic opportunities. People are constantly snapping away - Can you make your phone images stand out from the crowd? We are looking for images that capture your unique view of the amazing landscape close to the home of the Kendal Mountain Festival. The Lake District National Park is one of the most photographed locations in the world… Do you have an image that will make the audience go Wow!

Climb - Youth Category (supported by the University of Cumbria)

It's time to explore and get active in the outdoors. Be creative with this theme! Grab your camera and let your imagination run riot while out and about exploring your local area. Then send us your results!

Submissions open Thursday 23rd August and close Friday 2nd November 2018.

Any questions please contact: Janie Oates
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Entries are charged at £5 for 5 photos.

Why do we charge an entry fee?

There are two reasons for charging an entry fee. We obviously need to cover our costs in running the competition – the technical platform, printing, prizes, etc. But, more importantly, we want to make sure that we give our full attention to the best photos – by charging a small fee, we hope that people will be sending us their best work.

Follow the link below to enter:

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