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Message from Leo Houlding

Leo here sending a big shout out to KMF from Union glacier, Antartica camp. There are few things that I’d be willing to miss the awesome Kendal mountain festival for, it’s such a brilliant event where I get to catch up with so many old friends and make so many new ones and feel justified drinking heavily for 3 days straight, oh and perhaps even see some inspiring lectures and films.

In fact one of the 2 guys I’m out here with, Mark Sedon I met for the first time at KMF last year and exactly 12 months later here we are on the brink of the most out there and ambitious expedition of our lives.

Tomorrow we are due to be dropped off about 200km from the South Pole at an altitude of close to 3000m with 200kg each of equipment and food by a ski equipped Twin Otter at its point of no return from the closet fuel depot.

Yesterday with wind chill is was close to -50C up there. Gulp!

We have 70 days of supplies to sustain ourselves an unsupported mission to climb a incredible peak that is actually called the Spectre at the southern most end of the trans-Antartic mountains. Arguably the most remote mountain on earth and it looks a lot like Fitzroy. Then we will travel overland by ourselves back here to Union glacier under our own steam and the power of the wind.

It is a journey of close to 2000km by ski and kite and I’m sh***ing my pants with excitement and fear right now!

I’d like to wish everyone at KMF a fantastic weekend. A particular big yo to my old friend and fellow patron Sir Chris. It’s a big year for him with his long awaited and excelled biographical film and not one but two recently released books!

I’m sorry not to be there but the Spectre expedition is one of the few things that takes precedence over Kendal!

With some kind conditions and ball breaking effort hopefully we’ll have some dynamite to share with you all next year!

Follow us at and wish us kind winds!

Leo Houlding, over and out

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