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Looking for a PhD with a difference? The University of Cumbria have a funded PhD opportunity for real-world research working with Kendal Mountain Festival as part of Eco-innovation Cumbria, an ERDF funded project.

Kendal Mountain Festival: Building A Values-Based Measure of Sustainability

Kendal Mountain Festival is a world leading event that seeks to set the highest standards of innovation, inclusivity and creativity, celebrating everything outdoors. Kendal Mountain Festival aims to become a ‘Beacon of Excellence’ in festival sustainability whereby core organisational values inform festival design and support downstream influence. This project presents a unique opportunity to develop a Sustainability Strategy & Management framework to measure and assess the legacy/values transfer influence on the festival, stakeholders and visitors.

The objectives of the project are:
1. To establish the baseline of values-based behaviours of Kendal Mountain Festival and a range of stakeholders including partners,
venues, visitors and the town of Kendal.
2. Introduce a performance ranking framework for overall event sustainability, sustainability values, performance area and indicator over
subsequent years.
3. To measure and assess the behaviour and values of Kendal Mountain Festival, its stakeholders and visitors, using a range of direct and
indirect interventions.
3. To measure and assess legacy/values transfer across different levels of engagement:
• organisers, venues, exhibitors, audience, local community
4. To use evaluative assessment to provide an evidence base for implementation/success of future sustainable initiatives/performance.

Interested? For all the details and how to apply head to 

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