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Adam Ondra ‘Project Hard’ - The World’s First 9c?

Congratulations to Czech climber Adam Ondra on completing his latest challenge 'Project Hard' - and it could be the world's first 9c!

The route is located in Hanshelleren Cave, Flatanger, Norway and incorporates an impressive bat-hang along with steep crack climbing.

If Adam confirms his initial thoughts on the route's difficulty and it is a 9c, it will be the hardest sport climb in the world!

For more information on this impressive challenge visit UK Climbing.

Image via
Image via

Of course, this isn't the first time the world has watch Adam in awe, and here are some of his previous achievements:
03/2010 Golpe de Estado, Siurana, Spain, repeat
02/2011La Capella, Siurana, Spain. 9b, first ascent
03/2011Chaxi Raxi, Oliana, Spain. 9b, first ascent
04/2011Chilam Balam, Villanueva del Rosario, Spain. 9b, repeat
04/2011La Planta de Shiva, Villanueva del Rosario, Spain. 9b, first ascent
10/2012Change, Flatanger / Hanshallaren, Norway. 9b+, first ascent
02/2013Fight or Flight, Oliana, Spain. 9b, repeat
02/2013Dura Dura, Oliana, Spain. 9b+, first ascent
08/2013Iron Curtain, Flatanger / Hanshallaren, Norway. 9b, first ascent
08/2013Move, Flatanger / Hanshallaren, Norway. 9b, first ascent
12/2013Vasil Vasil, Sloup, Czech Republic. 9b+, first ascent
02/2014First Round First Minute, Margalef, Spain. 9b, repeat
11/2015C.R.S., Mollans, France. 9b, first ascent
02/2016 Stoking the Fire, Santa Linya, Spain. 9b, repeat
10/2016Robin Úd 9b, Alternativna stena, Slovakia, first ascent
02/2017Pachamama, Oliana, Spain. 9b, repeat
02/2017Mamichula, Oliana, Spain. 9b, first ascent
04/2017 Queen Line, Laghel - Arco, Italy, 9b, first ascent
04/2017Lapsus, Andonno, Italy, 9b, first repeat

[List via Planet Mountain]

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