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Kendal Mountain Film Summit | Imagination

Kendal Mountain Festival is proud to host its 4th International Film Summit; attracting industry professionals from around the world; this year to explore the concept of imagination. 

With a larger venue to accommodate the demand for this inspirational networking industry event, we are also delighted to welcome back Channel 4 as our presenting partner and thank the Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) for their continuing support. 

There will be an opportunity to pitch over the Festival weekend to Channel 4 for a film commission. All those who book a place on the Film Summit will receive details of the pitching process prior the Festival.

The Summit will take place on Friday 17 November 13.00 - 17.00 in Kendal Town Hall.

Please RSVP before 15 November 2017 using the link below.

Film Summit Tickets

Tickets to this Industry event are free, but you must have a ticket to enter.

Book your tickets online.

The afternoon will be a series of presentations as follows:

13.00 - 13.15 | Introduction by Festival Director Steve Scott

“Moving image is the world’s connective tissue; with film we connect audiences to issues and ideas beyond their imagination. ‘The outdoors’ is swiftly becoming a platform and metaphor for social and environmental change. What does this mean for the individual filmmaker, outdoor brand, platform or government department trying to get their message out? Imagination is just the start, commitment and action need to follow on. How is this happening in 2017, what is changing, what is growing? How can we imagine ourselves ahead of the curve, in time to be really imaginative!”

13.15 - 14.15 | Imagination in Action - Inspiration from the Festival’s Filmmakers - Presented by Artistic Director Claire Carter

Kendal Mountain Festival’s Imaginative Mission:

“According to the stories, mountain ranges and their summits were one of the first spaces we ventured into to test ourselves and our imagination, to be inspired by the environment and our ability within it. But the most remembered stories are told and heard by the powerful and the privileged. Though bright and spirited, at its roots mountain culture is patriarchal and colonial. The wider world has begun to acknowledge the benefit and individual right of all people to access nature and the outdoor; for individual development, preventative healthcare and as an act of community. To contribute to inspiration and participation, outdoor culture must highlight the stories of all those who find adventure in their surroundings and form tribes of expression. By celebrating these stories in parallel, Kendal can build identification between the tribes. A climber is not so different from a student who scales a skyscraper. A skater carves a street as a skier shoots a couloir. The more empathy we have between different communities, the greater the collective imagination.”

We will be showing a selection of extracts from films and short presentations from filmmakers regarding their interpretation of Imagination in filming / telling a story.

  • Into Twin Galaxies - Ben Stookesberry & Jochen Schmoll 
  • Psycho Vertical - Jen Randall 
  • The Frozen Road - Ben Page
  • Even When I am Suffering - Ric Baldock
  • My Big White Thighs and Me - Hannah Maia
  • Bonington - Keith Partridge
  • Adaptation Bangladesh: Sea Level Rise - Justin Deshields

14.15 - 15.15 | Imagination in Strategy - Presented by Keme Nzreme

We hear from commissioners and content directors on their most imaginative projects, and how they guide creators towards concrete work. A series of 10 minute presentations.

  • Andrew Denton – CEO of the OIA ‘Outdoor and wellbeing, how outdoor media is being commissioned to break down boundaries for participation and health’
  • James Fairbank – Head of brand communication at RAPHA ‘Pioneering creative content at Rapha’
  • David Holbrooke - Filmmaker, Ex Telluride Mountain Film Director ‘Imagining the future of communities around film ’
  • Adrian Samara - Director of Cold House Production Company ‘Virtual Reality, the future?’

We will also briefly hear from Alf Lawrie, Commissioner for adventure and travel at Channel 4, so you can find him in the networking break.

15.15 - 16.15 | Networking Break

16.15 - 17.00 | Imagining New Playgrounds - Presented by Channel 4

We hear from Channel 4’s commissioners and content directors on their most imaginative projects, and how they guide creators towards concrete work. Including referencing Salt Street Productions’ All 4 commission for a new six-part series Britain’s Abandoned Playgrounds.

“All 4 has commissioned up-and-coming Sheffield based Salt Street Productions to produce a six-part series that explores some of Britain’s most interesting locations via a group of young, talented urban athletes.

Travelling across the UK on a converted double decker bus freerunner Katie McDonnell, highliner Jediah Doohan, BMX rider Pete Catherall and skateboarder Calvin Ligono will breathe new life into six lost locations as they physically explore each space through their chosen sport. The history of each location is revealed as the athletes meet people local to the area who share their memories and connection to these now forgotten spaces.”

Salt Street Productions specialise in making short-form content about outdoor sports told from alternative perspectives. Their most successful films Red Run and Low Line have exceeded 10 million views online, receiving the critical acclaim of prestigious outdoor film festivals Kendal Mountain Festival and Sheffield Adventure Film Festival. The series was commissioned by All 4 following an open-pitch round hosted by Kendal Mountain Festival in 2016.

Channel 4 will provide a brief on ‘How to pitch to Channel 4’ and discuss opportuities to meet with them to pitch directly to them over the Festival weekend.

17.00 | End 

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