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This Way Up

This Way Up

Director: Andy McKenna Andy McCandlish - UK (2017) 24'

A story that rarely feature on timelines, in tweets or Instagram feeds - This Way Up is a 'broken' man’s journey by bike through his homeland. Scotland.

Andy McKenna, mountain biker since the 1980’s and a professional mountain bike guide making his living from running mountain bike adventures in Scotland was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in 2007. Although he didn’t know it then, far from being the end of his mountain bike career and his life, this (apparently) incurable degenerative neurological disease was the start of a different kind of mountain bike journey. A hysterical, ridiculous, rewarding, precious one. If only he knew what lay ahead.

Everyone experiences challenges in life. Some get buried under the veneer of a normal existence. Facebook selfies and glorious Instabangers don’t always tell the whole story. Finding the connection between the realities of life and how we deal with them - when coping from behind handlebars is the primary tactic - and will hopefully strike a chord with many whether they ride or not. Biking helps to cope, to escape and to keep Andy sane.

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