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Coconut Connection

Coconut Connection

Director: Sean Villanueva O'Driscoll - Belgium (2017) 38'

Having previously explored the coast of Baffin on board the famous Dodo’s Delight Nicolas Favresse & Sean Villanueva decide to return on a big wall free climbing expedition in the month of July which is rumoured to have better weather. However with the sea ice breaking up access is close to impossible. Joined by three Italian climbers ( Matteo Della Bordella, Matteo De Zaiacomo & Luca Schiera) they approach with skis on the frozen sea in June and find themselves voluntarily stranded for almost two months in a Yosemite like valley full of unbelievable big walls where everything is there for the taking. Nico and Sean are renowned musicians, but what instruments can the Italians bring to the concert? And how good is their singing?

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