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Dan Shipsides

This series of collages is derived from Dan’s collection of ‘vintage’ Mountain magazine. Mountain magazine was a seminal publication which ran from the late 1960’s to the mid 1990’s. It was a particularly significant for its beautiful minimal design which was based on fantastic cover imagery and the lack of visual clutter, adverts or content info on the cover page.

In cutting and making these works I acknowledge a transgression over the integrity of the original image – of which I am really in awe of. My desire was to reconfigure the seductive image of a place or event elsewhere and create something new and visually puzzling that is in the space of the viewer. The geometric cuts pay homage to the beauty of simplicity of magazine itself but also perhaps connect with a sense of poise and composition of a great climbing move or the way we might try to come to terms with the ‘epic’ through pattern and geometry. When slicing up the original images it always felt like there was a committing “either you do it - or you don’t” moment.

You can see Dan's work at the Warehouse Cafe which is located at the Brewery Arts Centre. Dan will also be presenting a show reel of video art also in the Warehouse cafe which include many of the works from his talk.

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