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Art exhibitions at Kendal Mountain Festival

Mountaineering has produced the biggest body of artistic work of any sport – bar none. Spreading out from the festival hub at the Brewery Arts Centre is a network of art that reflects the diversity of the mountains and the mountain experience. 

This year we welcome the following artists:-


David will be presenting his most recent oil paintings which have been informed by visits to Alaska and Iceland.

“The ice landscape is full of paradoxes: shrinking alarmingly and yet beautiful, in motion yet seemingly still. The sense of energy in a glacier is overwhelming and there is no term of reference as to scale or distance. It is ineffable and quite possibly unpaintable”.

David's work will be displayed in the Sugar Store Gallery which is located in the Brewery Arts Centre. His website is here.

David Fulford
David Fulford

Tom Musgrove and Simon Bray - The Edges of these Isles

A collaboration between artist Tom Musgrove and photographer Simon Bray, depicting seven landscape locations from across the British Isles (Buttermere & Crummock Water, Lindisfarne, Brecon Beacons, the Gower Peninsula, Glen Coe, the Causeway Coast and the Peak District) using their respective mediums.

Landscape photographer Simon Bray explores combinations of physical landforms, bodies of water, natural light and unique timing to capture landscape imagery that expresses a sense of space and freedom.

Drawing forms the foundation of Tom Musgrove’s work, initially capturing gestures, form and shapes from the landscape that are then expanded upon in his studio space to create fine art pieces.

Tom and Simon's work will be displayed in the Warehouse Cafe and in the Intro Bar which is located in the Brewery Arts Centre. Their website is here

The Edges of  these Isles
The Edges of these Isles

Miles-Moore Ceramics

Working from a studio in South Cumbria, Siobhan and Martin Miles-Moore draw their inspiration, finishes and glazes from the landscape around them.

Their practice supports consideration and re ection on the wonder of the natural world, and our place within it. Both Siobhan and Martin extensively use local natural materials in our work, wood ash and minerals in varying states of refinement. 

Martin and Siobhan's work will be displayed in the Sugar Store Gallery which is located in the Brewery Arts Centre. Their website is here

Miles-Moore ceramics
Miles-Moore ceramics

Wild Weather - Artspace 26a

ARTSPACE 26a at The Factory is proud to present an exhibition celebrating two artists who bring direct experience of wild nature to their work. Find their gallery space at The Factory, Aynam Road, LA9 7DE 


One of Britain’s nest printmakers, Jason’s work begins outdoors. Carrying the minimum of equipment, he walks and climbs in the desired area for days and sometimes nights, usually in extreme weather, feeling a part of the land itself. The result is a striking record of the elemental collisions between earth, sea and weather. His vigorous etchings convey the bleak essence of driving rain, when the mist closes down and masters the polarities of bright skies and shadowed rocks. His website is here


Joy was introduced to the hills at a very early age. Coming from Coniston, in the Central Lakes, her “back garden”, the immediate landscape of rough hillside and rock, has become a key in uence for her work. The moments that inspire her don’t aways emerge from a plan but always from her direct experience of the landscape and weather, as a walker, climber, mountain rescuer.

“Taking lightweight kit, I sketch quickly to translate the essence of what made me stop and get my sketchbook out. The speed at which the weather changes compels the eye to be selective and only include what is important. The enjoyment and sense of well being whilst in the hills is an essential part of developing a painting. I would nd it quite hard to portray something without experiencing and loving it.” Her website is here

Find their gallery space at The Factory, Aynam Road, Kendal,  LA9 7DE 

Jason Hicklin
Jason Hicklin
Joy Grindod
Joy Grindod

Stefan Orlowski - LAND LIVES

The exhibition will attempt to offer insight into a handful of recurring subjects and motifs of painter Stefan Orlowski. Expect to see landscapes and a number of other subjects from domestic life that recurs in an act of obsession and constant re-examination.

The act of plein air painting and studio work serve as counterpoint to works on a much smaller and more intimate scale. All things are connected and so this show sets out to draw parallels with the subjects the artist holds dear but rarely shows side by side.

The works on display will be in a wide range of media including oil on canvas, works on paper and smaller egg tempera panels.

Each subject requires is own particular treatment and the experimentations in handling attempts to reflect this on-going investigation into the relationship between the subject and the material.

Stefan studied Fine Art at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth and completed his Masters in Fine Art at the Wimbledon College of Art. He lives and works in Cumbria. 

His website is here

Stefan’s work will be on show at the Heaton Cooper Gallery. Address - Heaton Cooper Studio, Grasmere, Ambleside, Cumbria, LA22 9SX 

Stefan Orlowski
Stefan Orlowski

Lincoln Rowe – Mountain Paintings

As a renowned expedition artist, Lincoln has accompanied climbers to the ultimate mountaineering challenges of the Himalaya - including Everest - the Karakoram, the Andes, The Alps and the high peaks of Alaska. More recently he has started exploring through his work, the Lake District Fells

Lincoln works in pastel – as it doesn’t freeze – and ‘en plein air’. His breathtaking interpretations of these regions are collected by climbers and expedition sponsors, both private and corporate, and are enjoyed by enthusiasts such as HRH the Duke of Edinburgh.

His website is here

Lincoln’s work will be on show at the Wildman Street Gallery, Wildman St. Kendal, LA9 6EN. 

Lincoln Rowe
Lincoln Rowe

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