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Kendal Mountain Literature Festival 2019

Welcome to the Kendal Mountain Literature Festival!

Our literature festival is a chance to explore and celebrate our relationship and connection with landscape, nature, people, and place. We want to bring all that imagination and experience; whether embodied or virtual, to provoke, inspire, and ensure the survival of wilderness and creativity.

Our diverse programme of events features some of the UK’s foremost authors of nature, landscape and mountain literature. We are certain you will be entertained and inspired by the diverse mix of authors gathering to share their work, which ranges from non-fiction to fiction and includes poetry as well as art from the 'Outdoor' genre.

Last year at our 2nd Literature Festival we welcomed over 40 authors, poets and writers including naturalist Mark Cocker, Rivers and Canals Laureate Nancy Campbell, mountaineer Mick Fowler and long distance walker Raynor Winn. 

Robert Macfarlane, acclaimed British writer and Kendal Mountain LIterature Festival Patron said: "The Festival celebrates the relations between people and places – between landscapes and the human heart – as they play out in culture and especially in literature. Its many and varied events seek to emphasise connection and community in an age of division."

There is truly something for all tastes and ages in our exciting programme. We are especially proud to continue to host and support the prestigious Boardman Tasker Award For Mountain Literature which is now in its 35th year since inception!

Paul Scully, Festival Manager and Literature Programmer said: “We are thrilled to welcome so many incredible writers to the Festival and look forward to being inspired, challenged and provoked by the ideas and connection of those who have immersed themselves in the natural world.”

Check out the pdf programme here

Children's Literature Festival 

We believe that inspiring young readers and writers in the outdoors is crucial to developing positive environmental attitudes and values, last year’s festival featured an array of children’s authors including Jess Butterworth, David Long and MG Leonard.

We have our own twitter page! Keep up to date with all things Lit Fest HERE

We would like to express our special thanks to our Kendal Mountain Literature Festival supporters – ColumbiaTreetop TreksCiceroneVango and HH Reeds

Festival Patron

We are honoured to have Robert Macfarlane as Patron of the Festival, and are delighted to share his introduction with you:

"We are now in the mountains and they are in us – kindling enthusiasm, making every nerve quiver", wrote John Muir in 1911. Over a century later, and mountains are even more deeply "in us" - drawing millions of people to them each year in search of adventure, enlightenment, beauty, wonder, wildness -- and nerve-quivering fear. As the virtual world consumes more of our time and attention, and as environmental crisis deepens around the globe, so our encounters with mountains and the natural world grow ever more vital. 

I am so proud to be a patron of the Kendal Mountain Literature Festival - a celebration and exploration of our stories of place. I love the Lake District, the mountains - and all that this Festival stands. Its great theme is that of  connection's relationship with landscape -- and its great vision is to bring about participation by means of inspiration. So please come and join us here in Kendal, to celebrate this Festival in its second year."

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