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Kendal Mountain Literature Festival 2017

Welcome to a new Literature Festival celebrating the very best writing in landscape, nature and place1

We're delighted you're joining us to experience the first 'Kendal Mountain Literature Festival’ and are certain you will be entertained and inspired by the diverse mix of authors we are bringing together across nonfiction, fiction, poetry and art within the 'Outdoor' genre.

Artistic Director Claire Carter comments: “This year we have extended our Arts & Literature reach beyond the mountain foothills and into the rivers, seascapes and streets of the contemporary outdoor. It’s been a thrilling few months working with new and known authors and artists who are redefining what ‘outdoor’ means, and how we interact with it.”

There truly is something for all tastes and ages at the Literature Festival. We are also proud to continue our association to host and support the prestigious Boardman Tasker Award For Mountain Literature within our programme. Long may this continue!

So please come join us and share in this wonderful mix of creative and provoking thought and adventures at the Kendal Mountain Literature Festival this November. 

To read our Kendal Mountain Literature Festival brochure click on the download link at the bottom of the page. Enjoy!

Looking for a full weekend experience including two night's accommodation in a fantastic central Kendal hotel, check out our Literature Lovers package.

Festival Patron

We are thrilled to have Robert Macfarlane join us as Patron of the Festival, and are delighted to share his words with you:

"We are now in the mountains and they are in us – kindling enthusiasm, making every nerve quiver", wrote John Muir in 1911. Over a century later, and mountains are even more deeply "in us" - drawing millions of people to them each year in search of adventure, enlightenment, beauty, wonder, wildness -- and nerve-quivering fear. As the virtual world consumes more of our time and attention, and as environmental crisis deepens around the globe, so our encounters with mountains and the natural world grow ever more vital. 

I am so proud to be a patron of the new Kendal Mountain Literature Festival - a celebration and exploration of our stories of place. I love the Lake District, the mountains - and all that this Festival stands. Its great theme is that of imagination's relationship with landscape -- and its great vision is to bring about participation by means of inspiration. So please come and join us here in Kendal, to launch this Festival in its first year."

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